28 July 2018

Attract Mode 2.4.0 is out - for MacOS as well!

Very exiting news - after a very long time since version 2.0, there is a new version 2.4.0 out that also includes a MacOS bundle. In this blog, you will find quite extensive articles about setting up a superior frontend for MAME under MacOS. All should work in this version as well.

At first glance, everything seems to work just as it should, but I will do further thorough testing. It is just great to have an official MacOS release out again.

And enjoy!

Important when running MAME: Be sure to have the lower right corner not activated as Hot Corner, as described here:
If activated as Hot Corner, Attract Mode starts into the screensaver, and if you have your screensaver protected with your password, you can only shut down your Mac!
In newer attract.cfg versions, you will find this option:
move_mouse_on_launch no
This option disables moving the mouse to a corner -> another way of solving it. Be sure that your attract.cfg contains this line.

Just to remind you of my tutorials for setting up Attract Mode under MacOS:

Part 1 - https://mameonmacs.blogspot.com/2017/01/attract-mode-for-mame-under-osx.html
Part 2 - https://mameonmacs.blogspot.com/2017/01/attract-mode-for-osx-setup-part-2.html