28 October 2018

Brief Update on Attract Mode 2.5 official (Update 2 on 11 Nov)

Update 2 - a word of caution: Since I updated to Attract Mode 2.5, I am another victim of the infamous 'MAME loses focus' bug as described here:
This bug makes the Attract Mode - MAME combination unusable because I need to force quite Attract Mode every single time I exit a MAME game. So if you have an older running system, it might be a good idea to avoid it for the time being.

Update: Attract Mode 2.5 has been released - so grab the Mac binary and enjoy!

Attract Mode has again become better. Now there is really nothing to complain on Macs as well. I also include instructions how to compile Attract Mode by yourself.

A fast photo taken from my iMac running Attract Mode and Cosmo's Layout
My recommendations for running Attract Mode with MAME:

1. Compile your own binary, it just works and you have some very nice improvements implemented (most of all, very fast artwork loading). What you need is not that much:
(a) Homebrew: you should have it installed and be accustomed with it
(b) Homebrew recipies "pkg-config", "ffmpeg", "sfml" and "libarchive" 
(c) Get the Attract Mode source code from github: https://github.com/mickelson/attract
(d) Move the source code to /private/tmp/ - the source code will be deleted at reboot
(e) In the Terminal, switch to the following Attract Mode source code subdirectory:
(f) Execute the following script in the Terminal
This creates a MacOS package for installing Attract Mode via Drag&Drop in the attract directory.

2. Recommended Layout: Cosmo Arcade

3. For instructions on setting up Attract Mode and Layouts, just search for 'attract' in my blog or just jump to this post:

Should you still hesitate, believe me: It is really worth the time. Best gaming experience you can get on your Mac.