30 November 2017

MAME 0.192 and QMC2 0.192 Mac Binaries are here!

A good release for MAME on Macs. QMC2 also compiles on Macs after some time. QMC2 looks very good so far, and I will review my QMC2 to-do's all over this Blog to be on par. Happy gambling!

11 November 2017

Performance Test Galore: MAME Performance on Three Operating Systems on one Mac Machine Compared!

My new task was to test performance of current MAME binaries on one machine (my iMac 2013) with these three operating systems:
  - MacOS Sierra
  - Ubuntu 16.04
  - Windows 10

Focus of this test: How do BGFX shaders compare to other solutions if you add Artwork? My suspicion has always been that BGFX never can handle Artwork properly.

Result: As soon as you add Artwork, BGFX performance completely goes down - on all three systems! 

This means that if you want to run your games with decent shaders AND decent artwork, you need to head for different shaders, which are
  - MacOS and Linux: OpenGL
  - Windows 10: Direct3D
The extreme results were very surprising for me, so in the end, it was worth the hassle.

Further insights will follow here. For now, these are the detailed performance results (forgive me that I limited each run to 30 seconds ;-).

09 November 2017

Setup MAME 0.191 from scratch on Macs (Update of Previous Posts)

Another update on how to configure MAME from scratch via its internal interface MEWUI (default MAME UI since 0.171) and a text editor.  
If you are willing to work with your Terminal and a Text Editor, it is just the best way to set up and maintain MAME, irrespective of which frontend you wanna use later on.
So let's go step by step from scratch. 
MEWUI - click to enlarge
Step 1 - Basic Homework 

Download and install SDL 2 and QMC2 as explained here (only Steps 1 and 2). Download a good text editor - I prefer TextWrangler from the Mac App Store. Change Finder Settings in order to Display Hidden Folders and Files, e.g. with Deeper (you need access to your User Library folder, which is by default a hidden folder).

Recommendation: I currently keep my running MAME version in the folder 'mame' and keep only older versions in a version-related directory. This definitely helps you further on to stay consistent and carry on your work.

Step 2 - Start MEWUI (the right way)

Open Terminal and switch to your MAME working directory (easiest way: type 'cd' and then drag the mame directory from the Finder into the Terminal -> press Return in the Terminal window)

Warning: starting mame64 with double-click works, but you are not in the MAME working directory, so a lot just does not work -> start via Terminal as explained here. So you must be in the MAME working directory!