30 November 2016

MAME 0.180 is my first MacOS Sierra Compile

Both MAME and QMC2 compiled flawlessly. Another huge ChangeLog in this version.

  • Unfortunately the Metal backend is still broken, so I can stay only with OpenGL. This does not make me very optimistic about the future of Metal as far as MAME is concerned.
  • Otherwise everything works as it should be. Also QMC2 is another rock solid release.

Let's see further what's inside of this for me...

15 November 2016

Using and configuring Joysticks with M.A.M.E./QMC2 (Update May 2017)

When it comes to Joysticks, I am very pragmatic. A Logitech F310 Gamepad is enough for me. Switched on the backside to Direct Input, it runs out of the box in QMC2. No drivers under MacOSX required.

Update November 2016: Since the X Input mode emulates XBox controllers, I gave this XBox driver from Github a try - and it works! The immediate advantage is that all things are configurable in the MacOS System Settings, and RetroArch automatically assigns the joypad to XBox configuration, which is nice. Further insights will follow, but that's a good thing. It is fully compatible with MacOS Sierra.

As a second joypad, I went for a PS4 controller, and this thing rocks, both on USB and Bluetooth. No additional drivers required. Build quality is superb, full recommendation.

14 November 2016

Off Topic: Preparing Retropie from a Mac (with November 2017 update)

This is not much Mac-related, but I am currently spending all of my 'computer time' with preparing two Raspberry Pi 3Bs with Retropie as Christmas presents. I will collect my insights, and again like it was for MAME, my conclusion is that Macs and Raspberry Pis/Retropie are a good combination.

It is mostly a MAME 2003 romset. But Final Burn Alpha (then with different ROMs) seems to be a very good choice in case of performance problems on the Pi.

After having gone through some learning curve, I cannot give enough kudos to the Retropie project! What an impressive achievement - including some really good online documentation that is up to speed with the development. One thing is clear: You can hardly beat this system in the living room when it comes to a smooth retrogaming experience.

I will summarize my recommendations in the following: