22 February 2017

MAME 0.183 - Solid 20th Anniversary Release

Today brings us a special MAME release, and changes are many. The Mac binary compiles nicely as always from source and some performance tests indicate that this is rock stable. Also the Homebrew version of MAME made a jump to this version and is now up to date. All in all everything works as expected - and also does not work. Thus no news on the BGFX-METAL bug, but that was not to be expected anyways.

13 February 2017

Porting Retropie/Retroarch Artwork in 16:9 (John Merrit) to official MAME

There is incredibly realistic MAME Artwork for Retropie/Retroarch systems out, and I started re-writing them to run for the official MAME build. Work is mainly based on John Merrit's great work and Mr. Do's Layout Files, and the effect is amazing. This also shows the power of the yet simple MAME artwork system. Creativity is your only limit.
Update: I modified the layout file in a way that you can now switch on/off the scratches and reflections on the screen
Update 2: I started a Github repository (see below link).

Within the Video Mode options, you can now choose between:
  • Clear Screen - the screen is shown without any reflections and scratches
Clear Screen - Click to Enlarge

  • Scratch Screen - the screen shows all the reflections and scratches. On top, you can manipulate the Screen Alpha Channel separately from the cabinet. - thereby you manipulate the intensity of the scratches on screen only!
Scratch Screen - Click to Enlarge