29 December 2016

MAME 0.181 and 6100 Views in one year :-)

2016 ends with MAME 0.181, which according to its whatsnew.txt contains a row of nice updates. On the Macintosh side, all remains the same: no Metal plugin and the same issues in BGFX as described in detail before. More to come here.

This year ends with 6100 views, for which I am grateful, considering the rather narrow content published here. The interest in this Blog is quite as expected:
One thing: Please feel free to write any comments you may have, they are more than welcome. 

More to post here.

19 December 2016

BootCamp for Mac Retrogaming - Is it Worth The Hassle?

This post will be about running BootCamp for Retrogaming. As regards MAME, I am interested in a direct comparison between MAME running on macOS Sierra and Windows. 
Eventually the question is whether it's worth the hassle with BootCamp, or whether you can easily stick with your Mac system.

Bottom Line: MAME on Windows is by far faster than on Macs. However, with some tweaking, you get similar results on Macs, but Windows remains the performance king. Probably it makes more sense to tweak your Mac settings, e.g. faster shaders, than installing BootCamp and keeping a Windows system up-to-date all the time.

Here are the details: