01 September 2018

MAME 0.201 - Major BGFX Performance Achievements!

We have been waiting for this for a long time: MAME 0.201 finally fixes the problem with BGFX when running Artwork Bezels 

As of MAME 0.201, you can run BGFX/Metal shaders along with Artwork bezels without taking a huge performance hit. This is really great news. BGFX/Metal is finally becoming stable on Macs.

Just to remind you why Artwork matters (click to enlarge):

My iMac running 1943
My iMac running 1943 with Artwork

Here is my testing of MAME 0.200 vs. 0,201 in BGFX/crt-geom-deluxe/Metal with Artwork/without Artwork - from the Terminal in the MAME main directory:
./mame64 -video bgfx -str 60 -noafs -bgfx_screen_chains crt-geom-deluxe -bgfx_backend metal -noreadconfig -nosleep -nothrottle (-nobezel) (romfilename)