26 May 2017

CLRMame Pro 4.032 with Wine: Scanning ROMs on your Mac

As of this post, I am doing my first scan tests with the newest CLRMame Pro 4.032 under MacOS. This is possible thanks to the Wine layer that itself can be installed rather flawlessly via Homebrew.

Assuming that you have already Homebrew and Homebrew Cask installed, install XQuartz cask and then wine with Homebrew:
brew cask install xquartz
brew install wine
You may also want to head to this excellent summary.

Then download the zip version of CLRMame Pro, then unzip the directory containing the program files to a place of your choice. That's basically it.

Open the Terminal, cd to the CLRMame Pro directory and start the program with

wine cmpro64.exe

This is where I am right now, and now it's time to learn the program with these instructions here. Still being a newbie in correct rom management, I might revert back later until I got comfortable with the process. Enjoy!


  1. Really enjoy your posts mate. I've been playing around with moving from the old MacMameInfoX front-end that has been on my Mac for years, to using AttractMode. Your guides have been really useful. Only wish Apple would pull their finger out and update their Mac Mini lineup so I can upgrade my old Core 2 Duo.

  2. Many thanks Jason, much appreciated! Same here, I am anxiously looking forward what Apple plans in its Mac line. Too many Macs are outdated, and the Mac Mini lineup is highest affected. I actually like Minis a lot, but my current iMac is also a nice guy :).


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