08 September 2016

Off Topic: Finished Walter Isaacson's Book on Steve Jobs (Finally)

Yesterday night, after several retries, I was finally able to finish this impressive book on Steve Jobs:
How does this relate to that Blog?

  • Much of the hurdles you have to take on Macs, in particular in relation to its closed environment, are directly linked to his personality. Only for understanding this deep conviction that still lives in Apple this book is worth to be read.
  • Steve Jobs also stands for perfectionism of products. In my opinion, the same is true for the MAME project. MAME is all about perfect emulation, sometimes in details that few people care. But this is exactly why I care about MAME, also with this very small contribution - a Blog.

You need to read this book at once, and the drama increases until the end. It left me deeply impressed with what I read. Such a roller-coaster life, such huge achievements, but also with all the grey and very dark moments not left out. If you find the time and care about Apple, this is a must read.

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